It began in late 2010 when drummer JOSH HAMPTON and guitarist R.E. Paulson started playing music together in the basement. With Randy singing and writing the songs; the two musicians began compiling a small library of tracks. Not long after, Josh called in guitarist RONNIE ERNST, who was between bands at the time, and offered him a chance to try adding lead guitar to the guys' music. 
Between the three, the group was on a steady mission to becoming a band, and were content with their 2-guitar/drum attack. While writing and rehearsing their material, it would be nearly a year until the group hit the studio and played their first show under the name RADIOLAIRE. With in the next year Ronnie got Jesse Clark (bass) to join. A year later RADIOLAIRE added drummer Bryan Waugh to the Band. Radiolaire performs shows throughout central Kentucky.

Perhaps the most interesting part of what makes Radiolaire what it is today, is the musical backgrounds for each member are drastically different. With various tastes and ideas, the band is able to settle on a sound that uniquely fits each member, while fulfilling the greater aspirations of the band as a whole.